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As a recent breast cancer survivor, I’ve come to realize that life is indeed too short and precious to waste worrying about needless things. To the extent that is prudent and in my client’s best interest, my mission is to help avoid frivolous and adversarial solutions in favor of problem-solving ones.



I’m an experienced litigator and counselor. I’m knowledgeable and well-rounded having represented clients in many stages of business, family, and personal injury matters. As your attorney, I will charge you reasonable rates. More importantly, I will be patient, compassionate and effective. READ MORE


Recent Case Successes


A client came to us with a marriage of 25 years mired in divorce litigation. He had lived apart from his wife for nearly 10 years. The issue before the court was date of separation. Our client claimed that he separated from his wife the day he filed for divorce. His wife claimed the separation date was the date he moved out of the family residence 10 years before the filing of the divorce. Significant community property rights would be affected if the separation date were adjudicated to be 10 years earlier. After a one day trial, our client was granted a separation date of the date of filing. It was an emotional victory for our client.


A client came to our office after being married for five years. She had little assets and no children. She no longer desired to stay in her marriage and her husband was in agreement. I represented her, prepared the divorce documents and final settlement agreement. The process took about 8 months. There were no court hearings, no arguments, just a solution that everyone was happy with.


A client came to us in distress. The mother of his child had disappeared, abandoned the child, and Child Protective Services was involved. I filed an emergency screening in court, procured temporary full time custody of the child to our client. He no longer was required to pay support to the mother. Both father and child are doing well today and the little one is thriving under her father’s care.


Many clients come to us with little or no assets, no children, or short term marriages and ask for a quick divorce solution. While there is no such thing as a “quickie” divorce, there is such a thing as an amicable divorce. When parties have agreed about the disposition of the assets, and agree that their marriage is irreparable, there is no need to spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars on court fees, experts, and attorneys. We handle the process for them.

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  • Susana Hamilton was such an incredible source of strength for me. My divorce had me barely functioning. I was so distraught and unable to take care of even the most simple tasks. In a matter of 6 months, I lost my husband, my job, my ability to see, and my ability to drive or read. Susana was amazing. She helped me get through some of the most difficult challenges…. even in my very fragile state. Susana helped me to get done what needed to be done.

  • Susana Hamilton has represented me for several years tirelessly. She has a dedicated work ethic for her clients and will see your case through to completion.

  • Susana provided honest and solid legal work for me. I recommend her services to any one.


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