Flat Fee Packages

Our consumer-minded approach to law practice extends to our legal fees. We offer a collaborative process in which we discuss fees upfront, in order to avoid anxiety later. We also offer “Flat Fee Packages” specifically tailored to meet each client’s specific situation. A consultation is necessary to determine whether package services can meet a client’s specific needs. Here are some examples of the packages we offer:

Divorce - $2,500 FLAT FEE

Uncontested, No Children, Little or No Assets, Amicable, Spousal Agreement, Limited Court Time, and No Motions. (Attorney to evaluate client to see if he or she qualifies for this package).

Prenuptial Agreement - $750 FLAT FEE

Smalls Claims Advisory - $700 FLAT FEE

Preparation, Advice, and Argument.

Contract Review - $900 FLAT FEE

Explanation and Suggestions for Revisions.

Contract Drafting - $1,000 FLAT FEE

Restraining Order - $1,000 FLAT FEE

Domestic or Civil harassment (w/o hearing) (w/hearing $1500 FLAT FEE)

Unlawful Detainer (Residential) - $800 Before Trial

With Trial - $1,800

Unlawful Detainer (Commercial) - $1,500 Before Trial

With Trial - $1,800

Labor Law Consultation - $500 FLAT FEE

Demand Letter - $750 FLAT FEE